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Trusted clients from various countries of Asia, Europe, and America. HUNDREDPLAY is a leader in iOS, Android and PC game development. Established in the year 2019 located in the central business district of Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta.


Great features you’ll find in each of our games!

Fully Responsive

We create the best responsive templates with modern and attractive designs that can adjust to the screen size or resolution of any device used.

Retina Ready

Each game is confirmed to have the "Retina Ready" feature. Retina ready shows more pixels per square inch and produces sharper images.

Stylish Design

Our game is designed with the characters, and gameplay as realistic as possible, which will bring you to experience playing in the virtual world, just like the real world.

Clean Code

Each game is made with an organized code structure, neat format and writing so that the developers on your team will be able to read and understand it easily.

Easy To Customize

We have added features that make customization super easy if you want to change or improve the look of a game you've already purchased, as simple as drag and drop.

Free of Charge

Get a free consultation for every question from the features license you have purchased, free of charge. We highly appreciate any form of long-term positive cooperation with all the testimonial.

Hear What Are Clients Say.

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    Joe Halim CEO, Appjoy.

    We partnered with Hundredplay Studios for the development of a China based game & they did a great job. Our main concern is developing good games within a certain timeline and they produce a quality features. They also help us with theme/event based updates on a regular basis.

  • Author image
    Mira Klevert CEO, Nox Game.

    We worked with Hundredplay Studios to port our Facebook game to iOS and Android. They have contributed enormously to the graphical look, gameplay and user experience of the game. Both me and my team are immensely satisfied with their work.

  • Author image
    Raaj Kumar General Manager, Snowero Games.

    It was great working with Hundredplay Studios on our gaming application. We truly appreciate the team’s efforts & their commitment to the project.

  • Author image
    Mark Anderson Jr. Mobile Center of Excellence, ITWE.

    We hired Hundredplay Studio to do the programming for our VRMMO game & so far, they’ve done a great job. They have been professional, helpful, and to their credit, honest.

  • Author image
    Nina Harito Vice President, Group IT – Emirates CBD.

    I couldn’t be happier working with Hundredplay Studios. They’re extremely easy to get ahold of, know how to take direction, and know when to take their own liberties to improve a project.



Currently, we are looking for a candidate to complete the team to make it more solid. If you are the person, go check the requirements below.

Web Developers

From coding and modifying a website, functions to layout/design based on the client's requirements or specifications. Can create appealing sites visually by means of the user-friendly UI up to its functions. Exposure to the business testimonial is regularly so, expertise on handling meetings with the client is an advantage. The applicant requires to communicate with colleagues in order to have a better working area and the quality of work. Knowledge and deep background in web applications and programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, API’s and JQuery is an advantage.


  • A degree holder in Information Technology, Computer Science and other similar courses.
  • Deep understanding on the said programming languages.
  • Ability to work even under pressure.
  • Ability to reach the given deadlines.
  • Excellent Verbal and writing skills.

Please send your application documents directly to

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